Client Value Analysis   

Client Value Analysis is focused on being able to really engage clients - across the business - about their issues, using language they themselves use. It is about effective sales and marketing, powerful communication, differentiation, and about leveraging the success of reference projects for sales propositions

We offer three services:-

  • Messaging
  • Client Profiling Workshop
  • Introductory Sales Training Day


  • Collection of existing and new Case Studies
    Our approach is to capture the real value that customers have enjoyed as a result of your engagements. We focus on value in terms of Customers & Channels, Financials & Results, Employees & Attitudes and Risk & Agility.
  • Alignment With Sales Propositions
    The value statements from Case Studies are aligned with your propositions so that expected results can be clearly demonstrated.

Client Profiling Workshop

  • The chief objective of this workshop is to optimise sales into the key target accounts by:
    • Focusing on the whole organisation rather than purely looking at any specific current business you might already have with the client.
    • Demonstrating an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the client's business - their vision, objectives, opportunities, threats and performance - at Board, Business Unit and/or Service Unit levels.
    • Communicating an understanding of their needs in their language - and being able to do so at Board level.
    • Clearly aligning sales propositions and value messages to the identified client need

Introductory Sales Training Day

  • The Sales Training workshop introduces the concepts of the business to business client profiling methodology and allows attendees to develop from a generic framework an understanding of the goals and objectives of a chosen client from the perspective of a chosen executive e.g. the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
    Having attended the workshop and taken the opportunity to test the output with friendly contacts in the client organisation, the attendee will be in an excellent position to judge whether a full Client Profiling workshop would be valuable for any of his potential clients.