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Service Excellence

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Service Excellence

How well are you organised to provide excellent service to your customers?

  • Do you know what they actually want from you?
  • Do you know how well you deliver the service?
  • Are your employees empowered and able to deliver the service?
  • How can you attract and retain the right customers?
  • Are you clear about the way you conduct business?
  • Can you adapt to changing circumstances?

These questions are at the heart of the assessment process used in judging the Sunday Times UK Customer Experience Awards (previously known as the Unisys/Management Today Service Excellence Awards) that have been conducted annually since 1996. In that time more than 1,000 UK organisations have been assessed and have contributed to the repository of service excellence best practise.

Based on a number of years of experience on the judging panel, we can now offer a focussed assessment service that builds upon the awards process.

Having agreed objectives we will conduct an assessment of your organisation using the Service Excellence Model to assess five key areas of focus:

  • Customer Intelligence
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Engaging People
  • Leadership & Values
  • Organisational Agility

Assessment will be performed using a combination of methods including questionnaires, mystery shopping and direct interview/observation.

The final presentation and report will draw on comparisons to best practice and, where necessary, recommend actions to achieve service improvement.

MindManager Training

We use MindManager mindmaps extensively for visual capture and presentation of output in the majority of our services. As a result, we can draw on a wealth of real-life examples to illustrate the power of MindManager and how it can be used to improve performance in today's business environment.

The MindManager fundamentals one-day workshop is focused around typical office applications that maximise the benefit of MindManager’s features.

Course modules include the following topics:

  • Basic Exercises:
    A step-by-step presentation of basic features.
  • Preparing a Paper or Report:
    Organization of a paper or report using MindManager features and methods.
  • Brainstorming:
    Different techniques used to facilitate brainstorming interpreted through MindManager features.
  • Project Planning:
    Manage projects and processes effectively in less time by learning to Export to MS Project, MS Outlook and MindManager's Select and Filter feature.
  • Meeting Management:
    Take better and more useful meeting notes that eliminate the need for agendas and post meeting minutes by learning hints on meeting management interpreted through MindManager features. Learn the Export to Word and the use of Map Markers.
  • Presentations and Publishing:
    Create compelling presentations with MindManager's Presentation Mode. Export your maps to PowerPoint, PDF format and to the Web.
  • Knowledge Management:
    Manage large maps and keep complex information and processes at your fingertips by learning how to maximize your use of MindManager.

This workshop can be provided either on or off-site and can be customised to your specific needs if required.